Five creative architectural projects that use timber differently

Elegant and durable, timber is one of architects’ favourite building materials for its versatility and natural aesthetic. Discover five creative architectural projects that use timber in innovative ways.

Coolum Beach Streetscaping Project in Coolum Beach, Queensland

The Coolum Beach Streetscaping Project in Queensland won ‘Best Commercial Exterior’ in the Intergrain Timber Vision Awards. Designed by product designer and urban artist Carl Holder, this public work of art uses recycled timber cladding to create a distinctly Australian design aesthetic. The three-dimensional 12 metre long installation creates a sense of tactile fluidity, with swirls and currents eddying within the surface of the wood. The work celebrates and seamlessly integrates with Coolum’s natural beach landscape.

The Westgarth Timber Project

Designed by Ben Callery Architects and located in north Melbourne uses an array of recycled, re-milled and salvaged timbers to create a stunning, thermally efficient and well-oriented home that embraces creativity and sustainable design.

The entire house is brimming with a sense of warmth, tactility and authenticity.

The lightweight structure features timber cladding, heavily insulated with batts made from recycled glass. To complement this organic aesthetic, the architects constructed a dramatically raking roof out of recycled timber to maximise solar gain and a cantilevered upper floor to provide sun shading.